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Cloud Services Has Been Launched

Managed Server Service Solutions and Cloud Services

Wurlwind Solutions has launched its’ new Cloud Hosting services which are vCloud Powered. Through our Cloud Services customers can get cost-effective managed cloud IT server resources on demand.
In today’s business market we realize technology has continued evolving. Our company made a decision to implement a Cloud Solution that can support small, medium and large businesses. Wurlwind has partnered with EarthLink and VMware to implement a solution that could support any level of business.
Many small and medium businesses are turning to cloud computing. With Wurlwind’s Cloud Services companies will Maximizing ROI, maintaining core business focus and expand their innovation. Our cloud services will also allow businesses to meet changing business needs, automatically implement the best security to their environments and achieve compliance in their business industry; not to mention eliminate staff turnover.

Managed Server Solutions and Cloud ServicesOur new cloud solution is certified and has multiple data centers to allow multi-point redundancy replicating data across the various locations to minimize performance issues and increase scalability.

Through Wurlwind you get 24/7/365 support for your cloud services. Call us today for a FREE consultation on how to implement a business virtual server environment and/or create redundant solutions to keep your business running. Our cloud solution comes with a 99.99% up-time guarantee.
We will soon be updating our website to better illustrate all the benefits and costs for Cloud Services. If you need a solution today, don’t worry, we are ready to help you implement a solution.

Technology is Evolving Rapidly Stay Up-To-Date!

Full Service Computer and Business Solutions

Did you know Microsoft will soon no longer be releasing newer versions of Microsoft Exchange. Microsoft is evolving to a cloud based Exchange solution. Internet providers are evolving to larger bandwidth solutions to better handle today’s’ need for continual streaming and cloud connectivity. Internet carriers are changing their game plans and rather than focusing on phone and internet connections only, they are now offering high-end server cloud solutions.
These are just some of the things businesses today need to deal with. At WURLWIND Solutions we stay on top of the changes technology providers are implementing. Let us assist you in implementing, managing and supporting your business technology. Allow us to focus on your technology so that you can stay focused on your business.

Call us today at 305-359-5391 and explore on how to grow and maintain your business with the right technology. You know your business, we know the technology needed.

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Need Online Remote Backup

10- You don’t have a strategy to backup your desktop, laptops and servers
9- You need a reliable offsite backup solution that really works.
8- You don’t have time to try and figure-out an in-house solution.
7- You just aren’t willing to compromise security for convenience.
6- You need a backup solution that you don’t need to monitor constantly.
5- Your IT staff and budget are already overextended.
4- You don’t want to pay for something your not using.
3- You are concerned about natural disasters.
2- You are over the headaches that come with backing up remote locations and branch offices.
1- Your IT budget is limited and a simple payment plan is easier to cover right now!Call WURLWIND Solutions today and let us take the worry of backup away from you. Our IT Support teams are experienced in technology and business practices!

Windows XP User Support Alert

Microsoft will stop adding security updates for Windows XP in 2-months!

If you are running Windows XP it’s time to update. Machines running Windows XP will be vulnerable to hackers / attackers.
The last XP security update will be in April 2014. Stop procrastinating and update your PC today!
WURLWIND Solutions can help you avoid being targeted by attackers by updating your machines.

Call us today for all your IT Support needs at 305-359-5391.

Wurlwind Solutions is an experienced IT Services and Solutions provider for business. We are a full service technology company offering IT Support, Network Support, Server Support as well as digital services for web development, SEO/ SEM services, hosting and app development.

Get the Right IT Support Today!

Start your New Years off to a great start by making sure your company has the right technology and IT Support Team! Call us for a no obligation assessment of your business technology, IT Support needs and how we can help.

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Wurlwind Solutions IT Business Model

Wurlwind Solutions is a full IT solutions and computer services company.

Many time we find ourselves trying to better explain ourselves to potential customers, current customers and even friends. In this article, we thought it best to break-down the various IT areas Wurlwind supports.

1. IT Support

We provide IT support to businesses ranging from 5-150 employees.

We install, maintain and fix computers, servers and networks. Wurlwind has a tech services help desk system that tracks each ticket received and then assigned to a dedicated technician Miami.There are various levels of IT support. Wurlwind Solutions handles desktop computer support, server support and network support.

  • Desktop Support handles a customers computer and/or laptop as well as locally installed software.

  • Server Support handles the technical support of servers as well as locally installed software and services like email, active directory, SQL to name a few.

  • Network Support handles all the network connected components like network switches, firewalls, routers, wireless access points.

2. Web Design and collateral

We design websites for clients as well as perform ongoing management of the website updates if requested by customer. We design marketing piece to use for collateral like magazines, flyers, ads, digital banners…

3. SEO and Internet Marketing

We can create and manage a company’s social presence online (i.e.: FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Directories, GooglePlus…). We can setup and manage a companies blog as well as press releases. When we setup the social presence, we fully design and create a company’s brand throughout their entire online presence.

4. Hosting Solutions

We cater to many levels of hosting solutions. Wurlwind hosts websites as well as dedicated servers for cloud type dedicated hosting solutions for email, applications and other required client hosting solutions.

WURLWIND Solutions… The only choice for IT support.
We offer no charge initial consultations and on-site demonstrations.

Call our IT Support Miami office.
You’ll see the difference.
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Wurlwind Solutions Manages Online Presence

Let Wurlwind Solutions manage your online web and social presence.

Most business owners know that search engine optimization (SEO) is important because it drives a lot of web traffic, important to bringing continual business, however, usually not sure what to do to get good investment results. That’s in part because there is a fair amount of information on the web that does nothing or can actually hurt the ranking of a site. When companies look into learning about SEO and proper online branding, it can seem like a overwhelming task. Let Wurlwind Solutions manage you online web and social presence.

There are 100’s of techniques and options to improve a site. Something as simple as providing a button that allows others to link back to your website by providing an attractive link-back button. People that think alike will click it and your site will be linked to theirs, and you will enjoy additional traffic.

The secret formula is that SEO refers to search engine rankings that people engage with by clicking on your sites link. Just getting on the 1st page of a Google search isn’t enough. The information displayed on the search engine results page needs to be compelling and useful enough for a human being to want to engage further into your site. Other simple ways to help yourself if you are a member of online message board and/or forum, place a link to your site in the signature of your posts. This is an easy way to passively promote your business without actively having to “talk it up” to others.

Wurlwind Solutions can create the right SEO strategy to get you ranked high in the search engines as well as create engaging content to attract potential visitors. High quality SEO efforts aren’t about how to beat the system, but rather are about consistently applying proven SEO strategies and known techniques that stay in-line with the changes to the search engines’ algorithms.

It is a well known fact that you have to be consistent with your online marketing efforts. You can’t just build it and let it stand. SEO on a site will go downhill when you stop the effort. Consider there are millions of sites on the internet. Try to see how many are getting updated daily and in-turn sites that are sitting will end up going down in the search rank. Wurlwind understand this and makes custom plans tailored to businesses to allow them to grow consistently at the level a customer can invest on. The effort you put in will pay off after awhile.

Ultimately, your site has to be useful for actual people. If you keep that in mind as you apply proper search engine techniques, it will be easier on you and will create better results in the long run. Let Wurlwind Solutions help guide you the right way, properly growing your online brand.

… The only choice for IT support and technical solutions for business. We offer no charge initial consultations and on-site demonstrations.

Call our IT Support Miami office. You’ll see the difference. 305.359.5391 Main 866.907.6161 Toll Free

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Implement Proper IT Support Services

At Wurlwind we know IT Support

Wurlwind Solutions knows as a business owner, you need your computers, servers, network, and all related IT equipment running properly at all times. It is important to protect data by incorporating proper backups and security solutions. Wurlwind’s Miami IT Services team pays close attention to detail, and  are committed to delivering a fully functional IT infrastructure. Our experienced IT Support technicians are trained to manage your office computers, network, server maintenance, wireless network connectivity, and all other areas of the technology infrastructure. Additionally, we offer custom Managed IT Services (YBS) Yearly Business Subscriptions creating a proactive IT Services in your company, and allowing us to remotely monitor and maintain a companies entire network. We offer IT Consulting services to help you make better technology decisions as your business grows. Wurlwind Solutions – the right choice for IT support in Miami. Wurlwind Solutions is a Miami IT support company, trusted by businesses throughout South Florida. If you’re having any kind of networking, server, or workstation related IT issues, contact Wurlwind Solutions and know your technology is handled properly.

Pinterest: newest Social Media Sensation

Pinterest is the newest Social Media Sensation.   One of the latest players to hit the Social Media landscape, Pinterest is fast becoming ‘the next hot property’ on the Internet, and a favorite for brands and consumers alike.   But you already knew that if you followed The Elf on the Shelf (children’s book doll) escapades posted faithfully by naughty-and-nice parents during the recent Holidays.  Pinterest is a sort of online filing system that allows you to mark or catalogue your interests (pin), collect them all in one place (digital pinboard), and engage with postings that inspire you (repin).  The site is by invitation only, yet traffic in December had reportedly increased 40 times since the previous six months. The site’s popularity is driven by people’s fundamental needs to collect, organize, and connect.  However, Pinterest is not only for stay-at-home moms and design buffs; businesses like Real Simple, use the website to introduce their products to new audiences.  In October Pinterest received a $27 million infusion from the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.  What’s your Pinterest?

Let Wurlwind Solutions create your online presence today! Wurlwind has technical and creative staff to handle many areas of the Internet and online company presences.

WURLWIND Solutions… The only choice for IT support.
We offer no charge initial consultations and on-site demonstrations.

Call our IT Support Miami office.
You’ll see the difference.
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866.907.6161 Toll Free

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A Kodak moment

Does your product line generate sustainable growth?  The iconic Kodak brand era is coming to an end, as the company prepares to file for Chapter 11, 36 years after it brought the first digital camera to market.  At 13 pounds, Kodak’s first digital cam was not very portable.  Today, the growing popularity of digi-cams have brought the 123 year-old brand to its knees, as it is no longer able to capitalize on selling Kodak film.  Although patents developed by Kodak in digital photography are widely used today in notebooks, tablets, and smartphones, its physical store business model is close to obsolete.

Wurlwind Solutions has the answers your business needs to stay ahead in a digitized economy.

Wurlwind stays true to is name. Like a whirlwind, we can change our path by stay in-touch with the latest technology solutions and trends.