IT Continuity Services

IT Support Business Continuity Services

WURLWIND will evaluate threats, risks, and vulnerabilities then develop countermeasures to ensure business can continue in the event of a disaster.

performs an information systems audit to examine the controls within your IT . During this process we will evaluate an organization’s information systems, practices and operations. Planning, prevention and preparation are key parts of any continuity planning.

The evaluation determines if the information systems are safeguarding assets, maintaining data integrity and operating effectively and efficiently to achieve your company’s business continuity objectives.

Many companies dismiss the impact that “man-made” disaster can have on their corporate data. Human error or intentional human destruction is the leading cause of corporate data loss. It pays to have a strategy to centralize and duplicate all your business files in case an employee is intent on causing harm to your business’ data.

IT Support Company Analysis Facts

Your business should take a major step toward a comprehensive data management and protection plan by implementing a solution that includes and/or mobile data. Remember, a disaster can be as simple as a sales person losing their laptop without having performed any kind of back up.

You should act now to meet the new reality of enterprise data management before disaster strikes and brings reality crashing down on mismanaged, unsecured data or outdated and failure prone hardware.

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