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Businesses Should Not Use Yahoo Small Business Email Services

I don’t often talk about the big guys on the internet, so when I do you know it must be bad!

We recently acquired a new IT Support customer which unfortunately had to deal with letting their internal IT guy go. To their surprise, they did not realize how much power he held by not letting anyone know any passwords for their network nor their IT related services.

Upon starting with the client we found they were using Yahoo Small Business Email services. We contacted Yahoo to explain the situation and we were able to get enough information to at least take control of their domain name and email administration. Here’s where it goes downhill…

Although we were able to take administrative control of the Yahoo admin account and were able to access the control panel, we could not do anything with the individual email accounts that were created under their business domain name. Yahoo only allows you to send an invitation to a new user which they in turn create an account and are required to associate it with a private yahoo email account.

In essence, if you’re the business and need to reset a password for a service, nowadays, most services require you to click on their reset password link, however, this only works if you have control of the account.

If the user leaves and/or is fired, the business has no control over the email account. The account is owned by the associated private Yahoo email account. Yahoo gives no control to the business to change the password for that email account under their business domain name. Yahoo only allows a business to create and/or delete the email accounts.

Well since the IT guy had created everything for the IT services using his email account, once he was released, the business could not change the password on the employees account. In turn, they lost any and all needed information to know how to handle all the services the IT guy had implemented.

In Summary, This situation is a bad business practice. Businesses need to realize that by giving an employee so much power they also need a way to take back the power, if and when they need to deal with a malicious ex-employee.

Yahoo, I hope you see this post, businesses need to own all related physical and digital materials that are required for the business to operate. Email accounts under a business domain name belong to that business not an individual.

Another lesson for businesses here is that sometimes it is easier dealing with a third party when it comes to IT services. At Wurlwind Solutions we understand businesses and also make sure the business feels in control always. If you are business feeling a little throated by an employee you cannot let go due to them holding your information hostage, call us and we can help. 305-359-5391

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Cloud Services Has Been Launched

Managed Server Service Solutions and Cloud Services

Wurlwind Solutions has launched its’ new Cloud Hosting services which are vCloud Powered. Through our Cloud Services customers can get cost-effective managed cloud IT server resources on demand.
In today’s business market we realize technology has continued evolving. Our company made a decision to implement a Cloud Solution that can support small, medium and large businesses. Wurlwind has partnered with EarthLink and VMware to implement a solution that could support any level of business.
Many small and medium businesses are turning to cloud computing. With Wurlwind’s Cloud Services companies will Maximizing ROI, maintaining core business focus and expand their innovation. Our cloud services will also allow businesses to meet changing business needs, automatically implement the best security to their environments and achieve compliance in their business industry; not to mention eliminate staff turnover.

Managed Server Solutions and Cloud ServicesOur new cloud solution is certified and has multiple data centers to allow multi-point redundancy replicating data across the various locations to minimize performance issues and increase scalability.

Through Wurlwind you get 24/7/365 support for your cloud services. Call us today for a FREE consultation on how to implement a business virtual server environment and/or create redundant solutions to keep your business running. Our cloud solution comes with a 99.99% up-time guarantee.
We will soon be updating our website to better illustrate all the benefits and costs for Cloud Services. If you need a solution today, don’t worry, we are ready to help you implement a solution.

Microsoft IT Support Services and Solutions

WURLWIND Solutions provides IT support for companies running on Microsoft. Our technical engineers are experts in IT technical support for Microsoft operating systems and applications. We support customers using a variety of managed services from hourly billing to Yearly Business Subscriptions (YBS) with flat fee pricing.

Our tech supMicrosoft IT support services and solutions for businessport team can fully handle and/or assist with Microsoft installations, trouble-shooting and even some tips and tricks. The Wurlwind technical staff can support all levels of Microsoft related tasks from viruses to error messages or a slow desktop/ computers and servers.

Let Wurlwind Solutions remove the worries when it comes to activating or installing a new Microsoft product with our IT support experts.

If you are a new business or simply don’t know what technical solution you need in place for your business call Wurlwind Solutions today! Let our technology experts help you find the perfect fit.


is either registered trademarks or trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Wurlwind Solutions affiliates itself with best of breed technology partners for businesses.


Service Manifesto

Established in 2006, WURLWIND Solutions has been supporting businesses throughout South Florida. Our primary technical IT Help Desk center and operations office is located in Miami. Wurlwind supports businesses in Florida as well as their remote offices that may be located outside of South Florida for their technological and computing requirements.

Our philosophy is simple, “respond quickly, be professional, and fix it right the first time.” We practice this philosophy each day, one service support call at a time because this ensures maximum productivity and high efficiency from our field technicians performing on-site IT Support service.

WURLWIND has the IT technicians, resources and design experience to seamlessly integrate your existing systems with the latest technology so you can march ahead of your competition without missing a step. In today’s fast paced business environment, your technology is a critical component to keeping your organization ahead of the competition.

From a small “peer-to-peer” network to a 500 user network spread over multiple locations, our team of IT Support Specialists can provide systems engineering, end-user training and on-going support to maximize your IT investment dollars.


International Consulting

Planning your company’s International business projects often requires advice and services from outside firms. WURLWIND Solutions supplies the tools necessary and talent that let you plan and implement business and financial solutions.

WURLWIND Solutions efficiently supplements your internal resources with personnel who work with your team to achieve the results your business needs.

WURLWIND business continuityWe provide individuals who have proven accomplishments and considerable industry experience in developing and supporting  business, financial and technology systems.

At WURLWIND, we understand today’s businesses require a unique combination of technical, business and interpersonal skills, and no matter how difficult your requirements, we  provide people with the skills you need.

To stay competitive in today’s environment, companies need the right mix of contracted and full-time professionals who can collaborate together.  This is known as strategic staffing and is a cost effective way to have specific skill sets available for projects.

WURLWIND holds a winning business formula by already dealing with customer solutions world-wide. By already understanding how the various parts of the World operate allows us to handle most business necessities in the US and Internationally by applying resources in the needed areas.

WURLWIND Solutions. Providing resourceful people with the right resources.

WURLWIND Solutions… The only choice for Business Technology support.

You’ll see the difference.

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When do your IT investments start paying off?

This post will explore the financial performance of your IT investments and particularly when they should start paying for themselves.

Basically, there’s a time line associated with when you should start seeing some sort of financial return, however, most often those returns don’t present themselves in hardcore cash. What does happen is, those information technology investments will enhance other aspects of your business and those efficiencies, in turn, start paying off.

We’ve broken it down into four (4) phases:

Phase I – Technical Proficiency

This is the installation and training period where you and your staff familiarize yourself with the new hardware and/or software. A business can expect a negative return on investment as up-front costs are incurred. During an acquisition stage, money is spent with no immediate rewards.

Phase II – Task Automation

Business owners who want to improve productivity at the task level must focus their vision on technology. Generating forms, word processing and project management can all be improved with the introduction of technology solutions. Modest returns in the ballpark of 10% to 20% can be expected at this phase as basic tasks become automated. Those returns are generally found in better productivity of your workers; they can do more in less time.

Phase III – Improving Business Processes

This is where tactical business vision drives the use of technology. Important processes become automated WITH NO INTENTION of ever reverting back to previous methods. Returns of up to 300% are expected as technology is used for integrating project management, financial systems and providing you current aggregated information.

Phase IV – Transforming Your Business

This is the true “re-engineering” phase and offers almost unlimited returns on information technology investment. Businesses attempt to eliminate unnecessary tasks and implement just-in-time scheduling, joint marketing partnerships and seamless integration with suppliers and customers.In essence, you are FUTURIZING YOUR BUSINESS with technology.

WURLWIND Solutions IT Consulting Services and Solutions can help you transform the way your business operates by showing you where you business stands in the technology ROI spectrum. We’ll work with you in any of the above phases but more importantly our goal is to get you moving from one phase to the next so your business can begin to transform itself into a lean machine.

Standard IT Support

WURLWIND has your IT Support requirements covered.

IT Support is WURLWIND Solutions’ niche in the technology market. Our expertise in IT technical support has been tested with a 100% client validation. We support customers using a variety of managed services from hourly billing to Yearly Business Subscriptions (YBS) with flat fee pricing.WURLWIND Solutions Business IT Support Services

We recognize that not everyone has the time or resources to devote to PC installations, network setups and mobile technology developments. With our tech support and integration services, companies get on-site installation, support and software upgrade services. We know a small company’s needs are different from a company with 50+ workstations. WURLWIND Solutions offers multiple levels of maintenance and tech support which can be customized to the exact type of coverage a company needs.

We offer pre-paid hourly IT support contracts where the customer weighs in on the project or level of expertise required. These services are billed based on the expertise of the technical engineer or the technical requirements of the project. Our on-site tech support service area spans from the center of Miami, Florida. We cover from the Upper Key of FL to West Palm Bech, FL.

WURLWIND Solutions offers fixed rate IT Network Support Agreements to handle technical network administration, capacity management, operating system/anti-virus update and any other required support.

Technical Staff Supplement
We supplement your current staff with the technical support expertise required on a short-term or permanent basis.

Help Desk
WURLWIND can act as a help desk for traditional or proprietary applications. We open, track, and close tickets related to IT support or other areas in your business requiring this type of service.


Call our IT Support Miami office.
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Network Support Services

Network IT Support Services

Wurlwind is a Network Support Company offering support services for a wide array of routers, firewalls, switches and other network devices. Our network support team has in-depth knowledge of business networks, VPNs and security. We can dispatch Network Support technicians from our Technical support Miami office to go on-site to companies in Dade, Broward and Monroe Florida.

Network Services Tech Monitoring Services

Through WURLWIND Solutions’ network support services, our technicians monitor your network 24/7/365. We define network alert conditions so maintenance and upgrades are handled in a proactive versus reactive manner. This guarantees optimum network performance. Through our YBS Member Support Plans, customers benefit from this service. Click Here to find out about becoming a YBS Member and keep you network services supported.

Wireless Technology Services

Can your business benefit from wireless or mobile technology? If so, then you should evaluate WURLWIND. From Point of Sale (POS) systems to wireless networking to telemetry and transmission of information from satellite locations, you can wrap your entire technology solution up with just one vendor.

Wurlwind Solutions implements and manages network support solutions for wireless grids for business wifi networks. Companies that require large wireless footprints in their facilities can be setup so that employees and clients can be anywhere in the business while keeping the same wireless network connection throughout.

Down time is lost money. Remember our goal, HELPING YOU MAKE MONEY FROM YOUR IT INVESTMENTS. Preventing you from losing money is just as rewarding to us. Remember, your IT investments are supposed to help you make money.

WURLWIND Solutions… The only choice for IT support.
We offer no charge initial IT consultations and on-site demonstrations.
You’ll see the difference.

Contact our Miami IT Support Center today!
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Business Tech Support and Development Services

IT Continuity Services

IT Support Business Continuity Services

WURLWIND will evaluate threats, risks, and vulnerabilities then develop countermeasures to ensure business can continue in the event of a disaster.

WURLWIND Solutions performs an information systems audit to examine the controls within your IT infrastructure. During this process we will evaluate an organization’s information systems, practices and operations. Planning, prevention and preparation are key parts of any continuity planning.

The evaluation determines if the information systems are safeguarding assets, maintaining data integrity and operating effectively and efficiently to achieve your company’s business continuity objectives.

Many companies dismiss the impact that “man-made” disaster can have on their corporate data. Human error or intentional human destruction is the leading cause of corporate data loss. It pays to have a strategy to centralize and duplicate all your business files in case an employee is intent on causing harm to your business’ data.

IT Support Company Analysis Facts

Your business should take a major step toward a comprehensive data management and protection plan by implementing a solution that includes remote and/or mobile data. Remember, a disaster can be as simple as a sales person losing their laptop without having performed any kind of back up.

You should act now to meet the new reality of enterprise data management before disaster strikes and brings reality crashing down on mismanaged, unsecured data or outdated and failure prone hardware.

Interested in more information about a WURLWIND Information Systems Audit?

Send an email to our Sales Department and we will respond in a timely manner. There’s no time to waste when it comes to safeguarding your information assets.