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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you already perform SEO on your site then you know the value of optimization. It absolutely means more business.

Those businesses that don’t perform SEO choose not to because they don’t understand how it helps their site, or they can’t afford it, or they don’t know how to introduce it into their organization. At WURLWIND Solutions, we take the mystery out of SEO and we’ll improve your ranking on the various search engines.

If someone searches for your product or service and you don’t appear in the search results, you’ve just lost that prospective customer. If you appear on the first page of the results Google or Bing returns, then you’re chances of getting that customer to visit your site go way up. Now, if your business is listed in the top 5 search results, your chance of click thru goes through the roof.

Ranking high organically is way too important to overlook. In today’s economic environment, standing still implies decline.

Internet Consultation & Strategy

Most of the time businesses have decent web exposure; OK content, nice layouts and mediocre attempts to optimize their site.

In many cases, we find ourselves discussing online strategy and tactics with our clients. Our support team consists of marketing thinkers and technologists. That combination offers a wide spectrum of insight to help make your online exposure more relevant to your visitors.

We understand a core principal about business…you have to always be closing. We believe that this applies to your web site as well. Most designers spend too much time trying to impress you and customers with their design skills and completely forget that the purpose is to try to sell something to someone.

Not us! At WURLWIND, generating sales comes first.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Often, large companies use outside services to determine if they are adhering to compliance standards such as HIPAA or SOX. Financial institutions regularly employ the services of outside companies to perform a vulnerability assessment or to actually attempt to breach their security to emulate a cyber-attack.

SOHOs and SMBs should focus more on these types of services because with more and more businesses storing information, performing financial transactions online, developing databases and for any business looking for major investment, fortifying your IT investments is becoming more and more critical.

This isn’t an attempt to inform you what you can gain, but rather to let you in on what you can lose.
Get IT Internet Solutions

Domain Registration and DNS Services

Now you no longer need to worry about domain names and renewals. Companies get full control of their domain name(s) allowing you to instantly re-route if required. Domain names can be purchased, DNS services can be managed and if your company sells online, we offer extensive marketing tools and experienced staff to discuss your initiatives.

Business Continuity Services

We will inspect and test your current plan. Provide recommendations and implement the required infrastructure to minimize any business down time. In most of today’s’ companies staying online no longer means only a website and mail server. Most companies are required to keep their data and connectivity online at all times. Through, companies can get all levels of guarantee; from live backups to mirroring your servers to one of our collocation bunkers.

Online backup and archiving services

Using fully encrypted backup software our service can guarantee the return of your business with minimal to no loss of data. Inquire about the various levels available.

Business Tech Support and Development Services

Business Tech Support and Development Service Solutions for Dade, Broward and Monroe

WURLWIND Solutions… The only choice for IT support.

We offer no charge initial consultations and on-site demonstrations.

You’ll see the difference.

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